Stupid people do stupid things…

Wednesday morning at the train station – stuck behind some fucking retard who cannot seem to realise that there maybe something wrong with his ticket and insists on repeatedly shoving it into an unresponsive barrier machine.
I strongly believe that allowing people of such diminished intellect loose on this sort of (evidently) highly technical and complicated machinery is very wrong.

A good solution would be to have a recommended minimum IQ for all such machines in public places.

Any persons falling short of the required IQ would have to form an orderly queue to one side of the barriers and have their tickets checked manually.
Possibly a partnership could be formed with local boy-scouts ( who conform to the IQ requirements ) and a ‘Dumb Bastard’ badge could be introduced as incentive.

With the above solution in mind, a ‘tagging’ system would have to be devised to safely identify those who do and those who do not meet the relevant standards for the machine in question. There would obviously be a small proportion of the populus that would be slightly loathe to labelling themselves in such a manner but, as Yossarian would agree, they obviously would have to be tagged as of extremely low intellect ( no testing necessary ).

Maybe this seems a little extreme. Maybe I’m just a little pissed off this morning. Maybe…