Does the idea of being refused entry to a self-proclaimed ‘Surfers Bar’ due to wearing trainers seem a touch on the completely fucking stupid side?????

Is this some kind of new surfer dress code?

Are the big wave riders in Hawaii hanging ten in a shiny new pair of wing-tips?

Is it a fucking stupid idea to disallow a paying customer entry to a pub based on their shoe preference??

his weekend, myself and three others ( two couples ) attempted to go for a drink in the Croydon Walkabout bar, but were refused entry as we were wearing trainers.

More and more pubs are opening in and around Croydon that have ideas that are clearly above their station. They are pubs, not nightclubs or restaurants or gentlemen’s clubs. Nothing more. Just Pubs.

But people who don’t wear nice smart shoes can’t afford to buy drinks.
Bollocks.. No need for more argument there, it’s just a completely presumptuous and prejudicial statement. On average, a pair of nice trainers is more expensive than a pair of ‘smart’ shoes. If I were to be refused entry on the grounds that my trainers are cheap and shitty, then at least I could produce a reciept. đŸ™‚

I want my club to have a good reputation and have smart, well dressed customers.
Fair enough, but you’re allowed to wear trainers in the pub before 8:00pm and as you don’t kick trainer wearing customers out who entered before that time, you are in a bit of a hypocritical position. With trainer wearing customers already inside the pub, how can you refuse entry to others?
Surely if your smart, well-dressed pub populus has already been infiltrated by wearers of the bastard trainer, you cannot claim to refuse entry due to dress-standards.

I think it’s also fair to say that a good reputation is less gained by the clothes of the customer, than their behaviour. ( and good behaviour and courtesy is hardly a bounteous resource in our fair borough of Croydon )

‘Management reserves the right to refuse entry’.
That’s basically like saying: “this is my place, I bought and paid for it, so it’s my right to have a say in who comes in”.

..and that’s fair enough, but splitting up parties of people for no better reason than that some of them are wearing trainers is ludicrous. Christ, nothing less than fucking trainers will grip on the piss-soaked floors of most of these places’ toilets. Well dressed, their patrons may be, but they’re fucking animals nonetheless.