After wearing plaited leather wristbands over in Thailand last summer, I’ve been looking for something similar (the usual Thai manafacturer excellence came through as per usual and they dropped off.).

The good old “LiveStrong” bands really weren’t my thing (oh – and far too mainstream for me to ever wear one), but there’s some new ones, which are a bit more sub-culture orientated.
Scott Ian
Matt Hoffman

Ozzy Osbourne

Just a quick note.. I got the Ozzy one ( Wank For Peace ), but found myself getting so paranoid on the train and tube with people seeing it and thinking I was part of some bizzarre masturbation cult.. and work – where I was having meetings with the company bigwigs, I found myself trying to ensure it was covered or unreadable..
Easier to simply not wear the bloody thing.. gave it to Laura 😈