Well.. sort of 😛 (video)


Finally got and bloody did it, though! Went off to the Cables water Ski park nearby. Only 15mins on the train and then another 20 on the bus, but it was well worth it.

To be very honest, the place was a heap of shit :twisted:. The ‘waterslides’ – all two of them ( one slow and one.. well you understand.. ) were old and rusty and cost $18 for an hour! (around $7.50)
Suffice to say we languished in the pool for a bit.. and had a bit of a wee 😀

Bladders empty, we strutted up to the cable operator, paid our money and demanded a wakeboard.

Not so simple

kimmy kneeboarding

First time on the water, I had to use a kneeboard and, in true para-olympics fare, donned the President’s favourite position and scooted off across the water with the spray in my face 🙂

After that came the unwieldy double skis, that Laura thankfully didn’t capture on film as my arse spent most of the time being dragged through the water!


We had an hour on the cables and only got a few goes on that yellow thing (called a scurfer – a cross between a surfboard and a wakeboard) but it’s now four days on and I’m only just regaining mobility in my arms 😀

Will be going back before I leave Perth, but I’ll have to plan my visit so I can afford not to be able to move my arms for the next few days.

Would definitely reccommend!! 😈