So there I am, camera slung over the shoulder, tatty shorts and peeling arms, just wondering how I could look less touristy, when I experienced divine insemination…

Jesus Creepers!!

kimmy in sandals

Impress your friends with your bible knowledge, hear them gasp as you turn Stella into cheap plonk, amaze them with your multitudinous recipies for poisson au pain

Erm.. I should probably mention that my feet (and socks) have been suffering the heat over here greatly, but being a British dude, sandals were not exactly a natural, knee-jerk reaction…

I’m only just getting used to having my lower legs exposed in shorts and I’m damned sure that short of sticking a straw down my sock and blowing my feet have never been so well air-circulated!

Suffice to say that I was so overcome with embarrasment and guilt that the only reasonable salvation had to be aesthetic self-abuse

piercer + huge piercing needle = Kimmy's anti-tragus