With great power comes great responsibility!

.. and it is our responsibility to go forth unto the public houses of this district and sup of the ale therein.

And with the greatest of merry-making, a fuzziness shall ensue, causing us to speak with the loudness of voice, fall floorward with mirth and make of ourselves the great spectacle of stupidity and drunkeness đŸ™‚

he-man leads the dance

Well.. That’s about the size of it.. a
Super Hero Fancy Dress Pub Crawl

The rules are simple:

  • Come as whoever you want, as long as you’re in a costume.
  • Get drunk and demonstrate your special powers.

Where: It’ll be somewhere up town.. probably Soho or somewhere there’s loads of bars and won’t mind a bunch of silly-dressed twats getting pissed.

When: Most probably at the start of the summer.. As soon as the warm weather hits, we’ll make the necessary preparations and get underway..

Oh.. and don’t forget that simply placing your head inside the mask of any superhero immediately bestows upon you amazing embarrasment threshold lowering powers, so post a comment to confirm that you’ll take part in this debaucherous affair! đŸ˜ˆ