Been having a fun old week so far.

The missus has been really under the weather for the past month or so.. ( no, not headaches;) ) and now I’ve come down with a real savage dose of flu..
Monday saw me jabbing desperate fingers at my monitor brightness+contrast controls at work – just couldn’t look at the screen 🙁
Tuesday was a bit better and I thought I was over the worst, but I had a terrible night last night, waking up every five minutes to try to plug the torrent of snot that my nostrils were taking turns to produce. I greeted the alarm with wads of tissue rammed up my conk and a matching set of bleary eyes and head. 😥 It feels like that wall insulating foam stuff has been pumped into my ears and nose, blocking and expanding inside my passageways.

No way was I going to go to work this morning.

What bites is that as I’m freelancing now, every day off costs me a fair amount of money – and boy do I miss the good old ‘permanent job’ days of snap morning decisions to chuck a sickie and fudge a day off work at full pay.

seriously looking forward to getting shot of this annoying flu crap!