Mario Sunshine is here!

To be totally honest, the only reason I buy any nintendo products whatsoever is that fun little chappie with the red cap and his mushroom kingdom mates.

I got the game over the weekend and I basically had the main game finished by tuesday evening (73 shines to those who know). Still got a lot more gameplay, but I saw this article and thought I’d slow down a bit…

Games binge ends in death
By Nick Farrell [10-10-2002]

Computer games addict dies after playing nonstop for 86 hours
A South Korean games addict died after playing nonstop for 86 hours.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald the 24-year-old man, identified by police as Kim, was found dead on Tuesday at an internet cafe in Kwangju.

Police said Kim had been virtually glued to the computer since for 86 hours and had not slept or eaten.

He collapsed in front of the front desk but soon regained his consciousness. He then went to the toilet where he was later found dead.

An initial investigation ruled out the possibility of murder and police believe he probably died of exhaustion.

More than half of South Korea’s population of 47 million has internet access, and there are also about 22,000 cyber cafes – also known as PC rooms. Many of these PC rooms are open 24 hours.

original article here

Scary Shit!!