Haven’t posted in a while, so it’s a sunday morning, I’m hungover and in my pants, so i can’t think of anything better to do than sup a cuppa and get caught up with recent events…

Firstly, i bought myself a digital drum kit yesterday! I was toying (as per usual) with the idea of getting the slightly better, but slightly more expensive one, but as I’m really trying to save at the moment, i figured i didn’t really need it and stuck with the basic one.
I’ve been kinda mulling over the idea of getting a kit for a while now – and just not doing anything about it as they’re kinda expensive – so I needed a bit of an excuse to kick me into gear and that excuse came on friday when I failed my driving test for the sixth time!

Damned bloody annoying if you ask me, but screw it – it put me in the mood for some shopping!! I’m just lucky i stopped at just the drum kit.. coulda been much worse :s