lagos beach

Have recently returned from a great visit to see pedrodinis in his natural environment, Lagos, Portugal.

Gotta say that I loved every minute of it ( apart from the ones where I was spewing green liquid onto Portugese soil.. ) never mind “don’t drink the water..” try “don’t drink the jagermeister”!! πŸ™

Got to meet some of his family; two sisters and a niece, all of whom were great and made me feel really welcome, put me up in their already crowded home and fed me all manner of curiosities. Octupus and grass soup πŸ™‚

Was good to try lots of new foods and just simply be somewhere where people were relatively relaxed and taste their pace of life.
I should leave Croydon tomorrow and never look back.

Although it was winter – less than a week away from christmas, it was still warm enough like a reasonable british summer’s day. Returing without a tan, stuffed with so many fish dishes I can’t describe, I stepped off the plane at Gatwick, not only with visible breath in the air, but also sand in my socks and a smile.

Thanks Peds..