dressed up for the wedding 

Shows you’re getting a bit long in the tooth when your mates all start getting married.. Well, the first one that fell from batchelor grace recently was one of my longest serving friends, Russ.

I was very chuffed to be invited to his wedding – to Gwen (Jen), a girl from New Jersey, NY – and myself, Laura, Glen and Steve all flew out for a week of saccharine accents, cholesterol and weapons grade coffee.

Although the whole thing was a little rushed and was obviously a lot more about the wedding than sightseeing, we did get to do a few things and had a quick trip up the Empire State, got completely drenched in and watched every single NYC yellow cab go off duty at once :(. We did the malls and made some extensive donations in the Hot Topic shop, ate in the food courts where cheese is standard and you’re wierd if you don’t have the optional extra cheese:s, looked at fat people, went go-karting (which i totally ruled at!:twisted: ), looked at some really fat people and went on the tallest, fastest rollercoaster in the world!

The wedding itself was really well done and we got to meet some great people, including Steve’s new love, Rachel and the unforgettable Ginger Ninja.

To Russ and Gwen, I wish them both the happiest of times together and all the best of love and luck for the future. Congratulations 🙂

Some photos from the trip