Finally after years of diving back into spoon safety after several vaguely nutritious mouthfulls, I have mastered the chopsticks!! šŸ˜›

child with chopsticks

( That’s not to say that I can catch flies or pierce an ear from 100yards with one – just the eating bit )

I have wrangled with the awful bloody things for years and have previously found them to be nothing short of some frustrating faustian device, designed to enforce a barrier between the food and my mouth!

Free at last of this torment, I have to admit that food actually tastes a hell of a lot better without the clunky metal implements of polite western society. Well, my teriyaki does – can’t say as much for my grease-dripping Burger King Specials..
( please, please, please never allow me into one of those filthy places again.. they are not designed for anyone over the age of 23 – unless dragged there by shrieking offspring )

I can understand the knife; it serves a purpose and is very useful, but the spoon and fork are, when you really think about it, instruments of mass ingestion. No real finesse.

..or maybe that’s just how I use them..