Another one to tick off my to-do list, I’ve been sitting, watching the list of JavaScript frameworks grow – seemingly by the day – and not getting further than reading somebody else’s experience or appraisal of them.
Well, I recently had a couple of knock-backs for jobs – simply because I wasn’t intimate with one or more of these (evidently Closure doesn’t count) so I decided to get on and make some apps.

I’d recently made a super simple tile-matching game with Typescript and JQuery, so I figured I’d follow in Addy Osmani’s footsteps and use it as a project to test out a few frameworks.

I’m not going to stick to JS, though – I really want to dig deeper into sparrow (iOS) and also I may look at an android build.

Still… It’ll be really good to actually use some of these technologies and see where I feel most comfortable.

Planned Frameworks

EaselJS (canvas)
Google Closure
Sparrow (iOS)

Spring Android(?)