This iPhone/iPad app provides a portable interface for a web-shop owner to login and quickly see recent orders, their values and statuses and get an overview of their shop’s performance. Recent orders can be filtered to show only orders of certain statuses or change the timespan for order age (e.g. today, this week, this month). There is a sales summary screen that shows totals for the selected period and each order has a drill-down detail screen that shows more in-depth information. In addition, a password change feature is available in case the shop owner feels they need to change their authentication information.

One larger issue that needed to be thought carefully about is connectivity. As the app relies on a working internet connection in order to retrieve information from the remote webservice, if there is no connection or connection is lost mid-session, then the app needed to manage these situations properly and inform the user as to the situation. I think this is one of the most challenging aspects of writing portable internet-enabled applications as your connection to the internet simply isn’t guaranteed and it isn’t enough to check up front as connection may be lost at any point during the user’s session.