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This is a project for a small startup company, creating an HTML5/Javascript, single-page application that is designed to help kids manage their money in one place and also learn about the various aspects of where money comes from.

The technology stack was really good on this project – we had a Java/Mongo back-end with the Google Closure architecture for the front-end/UI.
All HTML is stored in Closure Templates, which are accessible on both the server and client and gave us the ability to serve fully rendered pages to the client. This means that the user sees a complete page immediately, further interactivity being added when the javascript layer loads and runs. Subsequent UI is then rendered as required on the client at run-time.

We also used the Closure Stylesheets (GSS) preprocessor which allowed CSS mixins/constants/custom functions and leveraged the Closure Library architecture to create clean, reusable UI components and application architecture.
Finally, all of the templates, css and javascript is fed into the Closure Compiler to compress, minify and rename everything.

All in all, the Closure Tool family provides a solid, integrated set of tools that work together well and solves most of the common tasks involved in modern web development.