Sometimes you climb a mountain and, weary from the effort, you stand up and take a good long look around. You soak up the view and, feeling exhausted but re-invigorated, you stand back and really appreciate your achievement.

I’d like to echo the sentiments above, but I’d just really like a few days to get to know my duvet again… possibly with some pottering around the house, catching up on some lapsed TV series, maybe even deflowering the copy of God Of War II that still remains untouched next to my dusty PS2. You never know, I may even go outside, drink alcohol & see this summer thing that everyone’s on about!

Bit of a monumental project, this one; the microsite for the new Jaguar XF – no less for the fact that three generations of the Global Beach Flash team were involved in the project.

In fact this project saw the majority of our senior agency staff pull together to bring this beast to life.
And quite a beautiful beast it is…