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Had heard about this one from the flash community and admittedly only had had the slightest interest… that is until they announced that every developer who gets an app approved and in the Blackberry App Store before the release of the device (US release scheduled for 15th March) gets a free device.

As embarrassingly mercenary as it may sound, I suddenly felt the need to develop an app for the Playbook 😉

It’s just a basic idea that I’ve been knocking around since I saw Ponyo, it’s just a Morse Code translator/practise app, allowing the user to either have typed text translated on-the-fly or just tap the screen in order to practise Morse Code input. For newcomers to Morse Code, I included a help screen, with a Morse Code dictionary to learn from.

Insanely simple for existing flash developers, the most difficult part of the process was the paperwork and signing the application. They’ve even provided an Eclipse plugin for developing and a device simulator for testing. Blackberry seem to have realised the cold hard fact that products like these rely heavily on the software available. Similar to the way game dictate (to a degree) which console is most popular, a touchscreen device is really only the transparent workings behind the software that the user interfaces with. All in all, they’ve put a lot of work into making it easy for the huge community of flash developers get building content for their device all ready for release. If it costs them a few hundred devices, then it’s probably a wise investment.