This microsite features a hotspot interaction system for where the thumbnail preview shows a crop of the image that will be revealed on clicking the item. The thumbnail expands on click to reveal the entire image. Yet another testament to code reuse, the navigation transitions used the core of a class from almost a year ago to allow progression between views using a simple directional slide. In the CGTC site, we only used horizontal slides – left or right as per the section’s menu position, but vertical slides were also optional.

Taking the 60Yr colour bleaching effect a little further, I created some scripted transitions that push a movieclip’s RGB values about, fading in from invisible to visible, whilst using a shifting colour value to tint the transition. The class allows for varying speeds and tints and is extremely effective in sections like Space (Interior) and Performance (driving), using colour and speed to create two very unique transitions.

Within the different sections, our designers came up with some really cool effects that overlay the images, providing depth and another dimension to imagery that can sometimes seem flat and dull. It seems like a simple thing to add to a site, but the actuality is that striking a balance between effectiveness/visibility and subtlety can be suprisingly difficult.