Rolls Royce Wraith+

Pleased to have the opportunity to work with some old friends again – this time on the new Rolls Royce Wraith teaser site.


Fun startup company project – an HTML5/Javascript single-page app to aid kids learn about and manage money.

Webthinking Store Monitor+

This iPhone/iPad app provides a portable interface for a web-shop owner to login and quickly see recent orders, their values and statuses and get an overview of their shop’s performance.

Recent orders can be filtered to show only orders of certain statuses or change the timespan for order age (e.g. today, this week, this month). There is a sales summary screen that shows totals for the selected period and each order has a drill-down detail screen that shows more in-depth information.

OO Javascript Metrics+

One of the first tasks during my time at SpecialMoves and my first work with the Rolex brand was to architect a javascript metrics layer that both the Flash and HTML sites could talk to for their navigation/interaction tracking requirements.


Some of my most recent Flash work, I worked alongside the SpecialMoves team, building new features and maintaining the main Rolex website.


Great to have had the opportunity to work on such a globally renowned brand.

Working alongside two other developers, we produced two flash games for the site; Wizard’s Duel and a Potion Brewing game.

Blackberry – Morse Tapper+

My first Blackberry App, it’s just a Morse Code translator/practise app, allowing the user to either have typed text translated on-the-fly or just tap the screen in order to practise Morse Code input.

For newcomers to Morse Code, I included a help screen, with a Morse Code dictionary to learn from.

Nokia Outdoor Sport+

This was a site for Nokia to promote their sporting events across the UK.

It features a mix of flash and javascript/HTML elements, displaying racing tips, optimum viewing points and general course information.

Ford Mondeo 2010+

Ford Mondeo microsite build, featuring a full 360° viewer and feature video with breakout points.

Rolls Royce Ghost+

Small job for Rolls Royce, to deliver a standalone, fullscreen marketing piece for their new Ghost model.

Reebok Classics – Phase 2+

The second phase of this site was to add a new homepage and an audio/video sequencer, complete with gallery and an off-site, embeddable widget.

Bodyform – Sustainability+

A fun little site for SCA (Bodyform in the UK) to raise awareness about all the steps SCA are taking to be a greener company and reduce their carbon footprints.

Reebok Classics+

This was the first of two release phases for this project. This was the initial release, featuring a small microsite, consisting of a video intro page, a ‘scatter-style’ product selection page and a product detail template page.

Adidas Football+

My first major project with De-Construct, this site for Adidas was a biggie to say the least.

Having re-factored an existing framework by one of their previous flash devs, I was responsible for the framework, initialisation and core asset management and navigation. Once the framework and navigation was in place, we brought in a couple of very good freelancers to fill in the blanks.

De-construct Xmas Card+

This was a labour of love. With little time for a non-profit project and the intent to get something really cool together, there were late nights on the horizon…


This project was a site for Universities in the UK to advertise themselves to prospective students. Through the site a student can research universities further than just what courses they offer.

They can watch bespoke videos on each university, in which real students give their opinions on the campus, facitilities, social life and the surrounds.


Fun little project for the Terrence Higgins Trust to promote awareness in HIV+ gay clubbers who indulge in recreational drugs as to their effect on whatever HIV meds they may be taking.

Sony GT5 Prologue+

Just a note to mention so recent work for the Sony GT5 Prologue game.

The site features some nice, balanced HTML/Flash integration demonstrated in the expanding flash menu that sits over the other HTML/Flash main content.

Jaguar XF+

Bit of a monumental project, this one; the microsite for the new Jaguar XF – no less for the fact that three generations of the Global Beach Flash team were involved in the project.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible+

Yet another tight deadline for this one. I think it topped out at around 3 weeks’ dev time on this. 🙂 Completely content managed and data driven, this site featured a fair amount of ported code from the Bentley 60Yr Microsite as rewriting from scratch would simply have been impossible in the time given.

This kind of situation really brings home the value of code reusability and writing clean, modular class structures that provide flexibility and the option to slot them into different scenarios. I probably saved my own bacon on this occasion simply by putting a little forward thinking into some of my classes.

Bentley 60Yr Microsite+

Towards the start of 2006, my company began working with Bentley Motors and it fell to me to develop their first Global Beach content – a flash microsite celebrating 60yrs of motor cars design and development in Crewe.

Jaguar Configurator+

It’s a common enough occurrence that, in dev work, you’ll have to pick up the threads of someone else’s application and modify it. It’s just a bit of a nightmare when it’s a large, complicated application and the Jaguar Configurator (Design Your Jaguar) is exactly that. Originally designed to work in two completely separate browser windows, the majority of communications between the individual modules, the main controller and the presentation layer is all done using a hybrid of EventDispatcher and LocalConnection. In this way,events are dispatched as per normal, but if the localconnection method is being used, then they are broadcast across the localConnection.

Jaguar XK (X150) Microsite+

This was the first major site I did with Global Beach and I collaborated with the other developer there, James Costerton.
I learned a hell of a lot about using and controlling video in Flash and, although it was a pretty tight deadline, had some fun writing it.

Daimler Super 8+

One of the first projects Global Beach let me loose upon was the new Daimler flash site.
Content managed and localised to eight countries (including japan), it was a great opportunity to get to grips with GB’s CMS and flash data API as well as familiarise myself with the existing AS2 library.