Just finishing a project at work and it’s undergoing the rigors of QA at the moment. The site has multiple sections that contain various thumbnail images and larger versions – all content managed and loaded into flash at run-time.

Now, I’ve put some bloody hours into this thing and when i saw a bug raised that none of the sections worked in Mac IE5, I went spare! True enough, though, there was the loader sitting happily at 75% (on a four image section) having only loaded in three of the four images.
Correct urls.. no illegal chars in filenames.. WTF??!!

I narrowed it down eventually to a problem Mac IE5 seems to have with requesting multiple (more than three it seems) files in parallell (at once). Luckily enough, I could relatively simply change some code around to run the requests in serial, but damn, if that takes the wee-wee 🙁
One of the reasons I love flash so much is that you don’t have to mess around with browser compatibility..

Hrmph! ( 😡 )