Even just hearing the theme tune gives me a grin. 😀

I really don’t know what it is.. it could just be JD, the main character’s unrelenting optimism (could be naiivity, I know, but I’d like to believe it’s optimism).

It could also be the humour or the way stuff just seems to work out for the best..

Millions of people in the UK sit there time and time again, watching Eastenders. The hooks in Eastenders – as with most soaps – are that the storylines depict people whose lives are so doomed to cross the paths of failure, death, pestilence and sorrow that even in their most jubilant hour, they make the viewer’s own shitty existence seem preferable.
Day after day of mind-numbingly monotonous employment (or unemployment for many) in this shabby grey country leaves very little that can brighten up your day, but obviously finding out that Barry has just lost his car dealership, his wife’s rutting his brother on a daily basis and he’s just been diagnosed with the AIDS can really put the joy back into your life.

Sorry, but I’m missing something there.. don’t group me into that miserable statistic – I am a scrubber!

I start off miserable as sin; the whole world’s against me. I really am as good for nothing as my t-shirt claims… then comes Turk and JD, Dr Cox, Carla and Elliot, the shit intern and the evil Janitor – and it all goes the fuck away! 🙂

I know it’s all a bit sad – and I don’t usually get funny about TV in the slightest.. I’ll happily sit there and watch the extreme channel till I my blood-sugar level drops and I start vibrating, but ask me to tune in at a specific day and time and I’m guaranteed to either forget or just not be arsed because I’m actually doing something constructive on the PC (or just farting about).

My problem there is that either they’ll stop making them or I’ll have watched them all so many times that I’ll be anaesthatised to their prozac effect.. not that I’m such a miserable bugger that I spend my evenings glued to a constant stream of back-to-back episodes, a glazed look and a half-smile, half slack-jawed dribble thing going on… It’s more that I find it a nice warm refuge away from … croydon 😀

fukkit.. I’m off to watch some now 🙂