Well after almost ten years again, it was time to see Mr Drilly again.

Stepping off the long haul flight from Australia back in 2004, I’d bitten down on a sweet and cracked part of a back tooth off (joy) – and being the decisive, man of action that I so obviously am, I did bugger all about it for the next two years.
Needless to say, that the tooth hadn’t miraculously healed and didn’t look like it was even thinking of heading in that direction, so I finally bowed to reason and went to the dentist.
Every time I see the dentist, I find out something new about my teeth. One time, it was that I’d already had a root canal performed.. Wish someone had told me about that one.. This time, it was that I had wisdom teeth.
I’d had a few teeth out when I was a kid, but nobody had ever mentioned wisdom teeth, yet here they were, and no sooner than we’d been introduced, one of them was to be removed; the tooth I’d cracked had been steadily getting worse and it was getting the chop.

Know those situations where your body is trying to run, but reason makes you stay? Well sitting in the waiting room, your mouth getting progressively numb and knowing that some guy is going to get “all up in your grill” with some plyers is exactly that kind of situation. Somehow you always stay, though. You know you need to have this ‘thing’ done to you and you know the discomfort won’t last forever…

Thing is.. you kinda regret not making a run for it when the dentist’s got a good grip and is waggling your head around like a rag doll 😈 I actually started laughing – or an approximation of it – when, mid waggle, he asked the assistant to come and hold my head still. This was modern medicine!! I was just waiting for him to get a foot up on my chest and then prescribe a course of leeches 🙂

Still.. the bloody troublesome thing’s gone now.. no more annoying food getting stuck in the hole, no more cuts on my tongue from the sharp edges of the tooth. All done 🙂 ( til next time….. )