A little while ago, a friend had mentioned to me about the possibility of checking out ski resort property in Bulgaria. Being more than just a little bit into snowboarding, I was taken with the idea immediately and when my friends decided to sign up for a ‘discovery’ weekend, organised by a real estate company, I added my name and flew off to Sofia, with every intention of taking full advantange of the Bulgarian exchange rate 😀

At around 3.5 Bulgarian Levs to £1 and beer costing the equivalent of 80p, we had a pretty good time 😉 Can’t say I recommend the local cuisine, though.. quite greek, which, in itself, isn’t terrible – when it’s cooked all the way through!
Suffice to say that my luck with fully cooked chicken had definitely left the building and I ended up having to make an unscheduled, al-fresco pit-stop whilst completely bladdered on local beers and shots 😈 😈

All this on the way to meet my airport transfer at 3am – Oh happy times!

We didn’t end up signing for anything that weekend. The company we’d gone with, MacAnthony Real Estate, had flown us over, put us in a hotel and assigned a salesman to show us around the prospective properties/sites. Unfortunately, this guy ended up getting a bit pushy and tried to close hard on us – a fact that didn’t sit well with us and we ended up trying to hide from him for the second half of the weekend.
To be fair, we hadn’t been ‘wowed’ by anthing we’d seen and a lot of what we’d  been shown was still only vacant plots and we’d been asked to use our imaginations as to what it would end up like – NOT a good basis for buying property really..

Still, left to our own devices for the last day ( well my last day, the Mike and Pete stayed for the rest of the week ), we went and spoke to some other agencies and ended up finding a place we all agreed was a good buy.

So with a little luck and a little saving, I’ll end up with a little slice of snow of my very own – in a complex 200m from the main gondola and complete with sauna, spa, ski rooms, ice rink, restaurants with log fires, indoor and outdoor swimming pools – oh and a cinema 😀