Burned PC

Not long after the I witnessed the smokey demise of my “Goku”, my first dev-PC and the machine I learned flash / web-dev on, I came very close to losing another Dragonball-monikered family-member the other day..

My current Dev PC, Gohan, has a seriously dodgy fan in it somewhere that clogs far too frequently, making wheezing, screetching noises when starting up from cold..
I powered up the other day with a cringingly worrying noise coming out of the back of my PC which, after a few minutes, changed in pitch, seeming to slow, cough and splutter. Time for a bit of maintenance, possibly?

Well. I’m not shy when it comes to a screwdriver, it’s just reverting the process and having the bloody thing still work that I find a problem with :twisted:.

I had the thing open on the floor and enlisted an old toothbrush to give the fans a good scrubbing…. and while I’m here, I may as well have a look at the processor to see how all this heatsink, fans and stuff comes apart…


Old smarty-pants here didn’t realise the heatsink and processor were two separate entities and tried to mash the whole thing together back into the processor mounting without raising the little arm!
Something felt bad. I lifted the processor to see a little pin bent in half 🙁

You know that cold, empty feeling of self-disappointment that you feel on these occasions? It’s basically a mix of annoyance, sadness and frustration that you don’t have anyone else to blame but yourself. Well that’s just about where I was right then 🙂

Suffice to say that I’ve learned my lesson well.. I dug out my small flathead screwdriver, gently prised the offending pin back into place, re-engaged my brain and slotted the processor back into it’s housing without any problem whatsoever and gingerly turned the power back on…..

Never touching my PC again !!! Somehow cheated PC death on that one – not risking that again unless i’ve got a backup machine….