, Dec 5, 2010

KL Tower+

A more lightweight wander today – took a trip on the monorail out to the KL Tower, which is a...

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, Dec 5, 2010

Petronas Towers+

After heading out to grab a quick curry for dinner, we wandered on in with the aim of checking out...

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, Dec 1, 2010

New Adventures and strange essential items..+

Today I’m moving house again.. just this time, I’m not moving into another one.. Instead, myself and my flatmate are...

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, Nov 20, 2010

Canvas Experiments+

Had some time on my hands today, so I thought I’d see about all this canvas malarkey. Turns out it’s...

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May 29, 2010

New Guitar+

Finally couldn’t wait any longer. Am actually quite suprised at just how much I ended up missing playing.. I don’t...

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Feb 3, 2010

iPhone mouse+

Just found a great little free app from Logitech that turns your iPhone into a really responsive mouse to remotely...

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Nov 30, 2009

Monday morning..+

Just gave money to a random man in the coffee shop at the station. Know it was a good thing...

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Nov 27, 2009

Random Choreography+

Love the way that sometimes three or four people are converging on a point and, through only slight changes in...

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Oct 16, 2009

The value of code reviews+

Good post about the worth of reviewing your own and others’ code. Makes a good point about how you have...

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Oct 10, 2009

Autumn audio spring clean+

For years now I’ve been carting a large collection of cassettes (largely unlabeled) around with me when ever I move...

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Oct 1, 2009

Tone Generator+

Addictive as hell Tone Matrix – more fun than the name implies 😉

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Sep 22, 2009


Photos: flickr/tripleaxis/sets/barcelona Have just got back from my short trip to Barcelona. Not been there before – in fact it’s...

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Sep 9, 2009

Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling.+

I always seem to end up doing this – booking multiple events within days of each other. I generally maintain...

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, Sep 3, 2009

Adobe wave test…+

If I’ve installed the wave notification wordpress plugin properly, then I (as the only bloody subscriber) should get a notification...

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