I love new stuff; new gadgets that are completely unnecessary, new t-shirts with silly/geeky things written on them, new games that I never seem to find the time to play and now…

a new job! 😀

Have been freelancing now since Dec 03 and have somehow managed to keep both myself off the streets and the taxman reasonably happy.. To be very honest, I’ve been living the life of riley, a bit. Being given the option of working or not plays havok with my sensibilities. On the one hand, you are actively waving away an outstretched hand that is wafting a wad of notes under your nose – This is a bad thing!
On the other hand, though, you’re checking your bank balance, finding you can pay the rent this month (and possibly buy a new t-shirt too 🙂 ) and realising that you can afford take the day off to fart about on your computer or play games or just drink all day without putting yourself desperately in debt.

Not the most future-proof concept, but it’s fun for a while. I do know some guys who’ve been freelancing since the word go and have only rarely been out of work. However, the security of paid hols, health care, the occasional sickie ( *cough,cough ) and the ability to plan financially for things (mortgage, car, t-shirts, hydraulic sex toys) is a fair old arm-twister..

The company, Global Beach, is currently ranked 9th in the top 30 new media companies in the UK and does work for Jaguar, Ford and Land Rover (amongst others) and should prove an exciting and challenging role (pls excuse the agent-speak 🙂 ).

Regardless, I’ll be chuffed to include them on my CV and am looking forward to starting next tuesday (29th March 05)