Finally couldn’t wait any longer. Am actually quite suprised at just how much I ended up missing playing.. I don’t really think of myself as a proper guitarist anymore – just a thirty-something dude who rocks out in his bedroom. Not really sporty enough to own a tennis racket, so had to plumb for the real thing.

I think I’ve probably mentioned before, but I really do credit Guitar Hero with getting me back into playing. It was the instant gratification element of it – basically not having to do much and feeling like you’re holding the song together. I’ve got a friend who’s learning guitar at the moment and, as much as he loves practising and making his guitar actually make all those cool sounds, I know he plays a lot of ‘Hero too and I’ll bet there’s many times when being able to play favourite tracks perfectly without having to worry about string muting or feedback makes the easy option too easy to ignore…

I don’t doubt he’ll get there, though 😉

Anyway – here’s the puppy. It’s a Tanglewood Tomcat. I’d originally wanted to get a Jackson – Mark Morton signature model. It’s a beast of a guitar and has a fixed bridge too (which I’ve always been quite partial to) and, most importantly, twin humbuckers. The reason I don’t have one now is that Jackson – the bastards – don’t make cocking lefties.. and a custom build would’ve set me back somewhere on the bad side of £3k! Fuck that!

So this is where I’ve settled for the minute. It’s in need of a good setup (intonation’s pretty good, but the action’s waay too high and got a couple of buzzy frets here and there) but so far it’s playing well the setup should turn it into a pretty sweet player. Just need to get a new pedal now to replace my stolen Boss Metal Zone and we’ll be fucking off the neighbours in style!