Today I’m moving house again.. just this time, I’m not moving into another one.. Instead, myself and my flatmate are heading out to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for 2 months over xmas and New Years.
Seems a better option than freezing my bollocks off in shitty London and I also get to spend Christmas week in Melbourne with my brother, his missus and his new daughter! (I say new.. she’s actually 2yrs old now and this’ll be the first time I’ve got over to meet her)
I’ve been to Thailand before, but mainly to the North – Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and a little into Laos, so I kinda know what to expect. This time, though, I’ll be hitting all the Southern cities – more the beach territory. It’ll be different than before, but hopefully will get some major relaxation and adventuring done..

On top of all that, my lovely lady is joining me in Australia and then for New Years in Kuala Lumpur and then a couple of yummy weeks in Thailand and Malaysia.. Can’t wait! 🙂

Little concerned, though, as my flatmate, Michal (Polish chap), seems to be a little confused as to what essential items he needs to bring with him.. Amongst others, he’s bought himself a water purification straw that you can supposedly use to drink directly from any water source safely, quite expensive Altberg military jungle boots, a 20 litre solar shower, a military compass, an emergency heat reflecting blanket and official Bear Grylls survival trousers and shirts…

Now I’ll admit there may be times where we’ll have to rough it a bit.. maybe even stay in 3 star accommodation 😉 but seriously… Am I missing something here?