Just gave money to a random man in the coffee shop at the station. Know it was a good thing to do, but feel kinda weird about it now.

The train had come and I had my coffee – priorities taken care of.. He wanted a sandwich but only had about 80p and his credit card and they wouldn’t take a payment for under £2. They also didn’t agree to his suggestion of over charging him for the sandwich to meet the minimum credit card spend – all this while the train was coming into the station.

Feel weird because the guy could obviously afford to lose a couple of pounds (in a monetary sense :)), but when it comes to homeless people of big issue salepeople, my pockets are wired shut. Maybe it’s just I could relate to his needs better. Maybe I wasn’t trying to help him financially, more just empathising with his being caught in a crap situation that I’ve experienced in the past and trying to help him out – maybe even alleviate some of that Monday morning stress 🙂
Maybe I only did it cos I want someone to do that for me and prove this world isn’t as crap and mercenary as it seems – strike something of a balance to all the miserable commuter shit I see people doing every day to each other..

Probably shouldn’t analyse it too much eh.. Hopefully taken some of the shit outta someone’s Monday morning. Still got all of mine 🙂