Summer snow has never been so close to home…

Have been here twice now and it’s a great excuse to get some boarding practice in. The snow isn’t exactly the same as real snow – it’s got a certain fakeness to it.. Not sure exactly how to explain that one.. just check it out and see what you think.

.. but all in all, it’s a good little setup.
The slope is divided into two halves (lengthways), one with a straight run and the other with rails and boxes in case you’re feeling adventurous 🙂Just got back from Austria again and realise that i really need to get better at this stuff.. My mate Luke is gallavanting off round the world, instructing others and honing his skills whilst skiving off on powder days and I really want to be on snow more, but just haven’t the holiday allowance 🙁
(Plus i wanna be able to pull some sly tricks and show off a little next time we ride together :twisted:)

Still.. I’m back in the country and have only very minor excuses not to get myself up to the Snowdome once a month or so – hopefully i won’t be posting up here about my injuries / hernias / amputations in the near future :D)