The last piece of the driving puzzle, it seems, is the actual license!
bad driving sign
I’ve bought the car, emptied my wallet into the insurance company’s bank account and spent hours here and there, “spankin’ me motor” around croydon, trying desperately to figure this whole driving thing out..
I’m still not entirely sure if I’ve got the hang of it.. I’ve probably already got so many bad habits I’m guaranteed a third fail..

Thing is the last two attempts at this seemingly elusive license thingy have been half hearted affairs – anything I’ve ever taken the time and trouble to do, I’ve always put effort into but, until now, I’ve never actually cared whether or not I passed.. I mean passing my driving test has never posed a significant enough change in my life to warrant much effort on my part – it’s more that I felt that as an adult (and i use that description incredibly sparingly) I was supposed to be able to drive.
Now, however, I own a car and have uses for it. More and more I’m finding reasons and occasions where being able to drive would make things soooo much simpler..

I suppose this is another rung in the independence ladder, but simply put – this time, I do want to pass and where previously, I had few nerves or apprehension prior to a test…

I am shitting it 😈