With a ton of thanks to Xbox360Locator.co.uk, I snapped up a Premium Xbox360 package just before christmas without having pre-ordered and, come the 28th December, I was desperately pulling packaging and manuals apart to get to the wires, controllers and gadgetry.

With fingers tightly crossed and perhaps a splash or two of ritually slaughtered chicken blood to ward off any console crashes,freezes and other nastiness, I pressed the power switch and sat back.

All good 😀

Since then, I’ve got onto XBox live – a great service that lets you not only play your games with people from the other side of the planet, but also download game demos and trailers (from a pretty fast server). The console’s OS itself really does a great job of integrating into the games; Sign in/out messages appear over the top of your game and, pressing the ‘X’ button immediately pauses your game and displays a side-tab of options.

In addition, achievements really get the competitiveness boiling in you. With every game sporting achievements ranging from simply completing a level, to attaining all goals of a game, achievements are worth differing amounts of gamer points and all go towards your total gamerscore that you can show off (on your blog :twisted:)
I really need to be saving some money right about now, so let’s hope I can stay out of the pub and off Play.com (to where al too much of my hard-earned disappears) and get my gamerscore going.