Nice to be invited to this sort of thing. Usually it’s the big business boys and clients that get to go to dinner parties and events. The developer’s path isn’t generally destined to be strewn with such treats as invites to the IVCA Awards at The Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, but this time, I got to go.. and received my first award!

The IVCA awards aren’t technical or flash orientated awards, but we won the bronze award in our category for our Jaguar X150 Microsite and although it would have been great to pick up the gold, we weren’t really battling in home territory and there was some really talented opposition. Maybe next year, eh?
The girls from the office scrubbed up extremely well and when the shock of seeing us scruffy developers in dinner jackets eventually wore off, we ended up having a pretty fun night all in all.

See some snaps from the evening.