Hippies at New Year

A good friend, Mike, has recently moved back to his his hometown of Chester and as I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the bugger in months, when he invited myself and the missus up to spend New Year’s with them, I couldn’t say no.

The idea was to get up there on the 30th, catch up and see hins new doggy, Pedro.


As you may be able to tell from the photos, Mikey had the great idea of dressing up in 60’s/70’s gear and laying down tha funk at a local nightclub.

Cool idea!

….apart from one fact:

We were the only one’s dressed up 😈

Still.. it was a cracking laugh and milling around, we either got “Hey guys.. cool costumes. Great idea!!” or looked up and down in disgust by townies in their best ‘hippie-kicking’ shirt and shoes 🙂

As is turned out, the only downer of the night was the ‘DOS’ (denial of service) from the barmaids minutes away from the magic hour, leaving Laura and myself dry and wierd as the DJ announced the turning of the year a full five minutes too early 🙂

(I only say wierd, cos that best describes the feeling of being in the midst of a crowd of sweaty, heaving drunkards, with no pint glass or bottle to hang on to)

A good weekend and great to see evreyone again. See all of you soon 🙂