Birthday today… Nearly let it slip by again… I derive no great pleasure from counting the rungs of the ladder that I’m descending. It’s slippery enough.

Wehay!! Blow out the candles and usher in another year of nine to fives 🙂


Met up with an old friend last night who’s just come back from his worldly travels and adventures for a brief stopover in blighty. At a push ( well not so much of a push as a weak waggle with a tissue ) he’d be odds on favourite for winning the ‘Most interesting last ten years’ competition.

In all honesty, my last ten years have been a crazy, fucked up adventure through time with my best friend Bill S. Preston Esq., in which I’ve got to meet all sorts of famous people and… sorry – that wasn’t me, was it…

In my defence, though, I have done quite a bit… one accomplishment that sits prime amongst everything else I’ve done is the fact that I’ve finally managed to keep a job for more than a year.
Rather, I could say that I found a job that I actually enjoy, work that I actually find rewarding… no, you’re not buying it, are you… let’s face it, the money’s quite good 😉

The power of flight is what we all dream of. That feeling of accomplishment, having got to where you want to be in life, or the total elation when you achieve what you only imagined was possible.
The power of falling is what we experience more often. It’s not quite making the jump across those rooftops. Seeing the far side that was seemingly so easily within your grasp and realising that there’s absolutely no way of reaching it.

The swings and roundabouts of life take us through times where we catch the fly with the chopsticks, but also where we miss and stab ourselves in the leg.