Having barely escaped the football mania in Saigon, the Vietnamese team was playing again on our first night in HaNoi – the finals against Singapore. We’d chatted with the receptionist and her friend, Cuong (Frank), and come the evening, they bundled us onto the back of their mopeds and drove us god knows where through the crazy traffic. We ended up in a little bar, sitting on tiny plastic stools, munching sunflower seeds and getting a beer on whilst everyone else was glued to the telly. Our first night in Saigon was mainly sleepless due to the Vietnamese team winning, so thankfully they lost and we had a reasonable night’s sleep. Before heading back to the hotel, our new friends took us to a street food stall for some winkles, strange pork based, fried thingies and some fertilised quail eggs. Not sure if they were testing our willingness to try things or that this was truly a commonly eaten snack, but we chomped down anyway and, apart from the seafood – which I’m generally not too fond of, it was quite good..