Car KeysFrom the moment I met the examiner, stumbling through the eyesight test, to the final realisation that we were back near the test center and he was asking me to pull over and stop, my back was rigid, my mouth dry and hands shaking from nervous energy.

Mirrors. Indicate. Park up. Handbrake. Neutral. Hold breath.

I’d passed.

In all honesty, the first thing I did was rest my head on the steering wheel and say “Thank you so much”. After all this time, all the test and lesson fees finally, it was over. No more going out for a simple errand, only to walk straight past my servicable, full-tanked car and spend twenty minutes or so freezing or getting drenched waiting for a bloody bus. A bus that on arrival, brings sticky seats and stoned kids playing r&b tracks unneccessarily loudly from their mobile phones. A journey that must be duplicated for the return trip.

Not any more. 8)