Every now and then, you see a game trailer that looks incredible. You really look forward to the release date and actually getting to play the thing and when you do, it’s complete dogshit. You sit there in utter disbelief that you’ve just paid out £30 on the worst game since Roland in the Caves ( and yes, i did bully my poor parents into buying me that bulging nappy of a game when i was a kid )

This is not the case with God Of War!

This game fucking rocks!!

It’s been a while since i’ve been glued to a game like i was with this one.. my days of Final Fantasy and Crash Bandicoot marathons are pretty much long gone – i don’t usually have the time to devote to sitting there, promising myself (and the missus) “I’ll turn it off in a minute” and “I’m just looking for a save point

This one, however, has it all – incredible graphics, huge, detailed environments, immense bosses, stylish ‘in-play’ finishing moves, a good control / camera system and stunning cut-scenes. There’s even tomb-raider style puzzles and tasks that can be tough, but not so tough that you’ll won’t get it after a few tries.

Add a sprig of platform game, sprinkle liberally with the finest grecian gore and beat thoroughly – This one’s worth every penny – go spend! 🙂