Having written a couple of Flash tutorials here and there, I get the odd email from people who’ve followed a tutorial of mine and had questions or advice to ask.
Whenever I get an email like that, i always remember writing off to Colin Moock a few years back with a question and getting a response from him within 24 hrs and I always try to put a little effort in to replying and helping people out where i can.

A month or so ago, I got one from someone over in Australia, who was having a worry with a preloader only appearing and starting at around 80%. (read the full article here). I guessed the problem straight off as I’d wrestled with the same one a while back and remember having to dig around the internet for a solution, so I helped her out and made some changes to her source file.

Anyway, to shrink the tale a tad, she felt I’d really gone out of my way to help her and ended up sending me a little toy thingy all the way from Australia to say thanks.

I generally make a habit of posting in forums and helping answer questions – sometimes work gets a little too hectic for me to spend much time there, but whenever I help people out, i get a thanks or a mention on their site or something like that… and that’s more than cool – I’m not looking for rewards, but, to be honest, getting that little gift from the other side of the world really made me smile and I’d like to say a big thanks to Anna and all the best in future projects.