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Child kicking a cute dog



How to Kick Dogs

Bin Laden Stands Accused

This is NOT a victimless crime

An analogy for the entire USA vs Iraq thing:

Sam gets home from a hard day Kicking Mary’s dog, sits down in his back yard.

His neighbour Bob pokes his nose over the fence and says “Hey Sam. I heard Max takes Mary’s dog into his basement and kicks it.”
“Bloody hell,” says Sam. “We should go kick Max’s arse for kicking Mary’s dog, don’t you think? He sounds pretty evil.”

“Yeah, we should,” Bob agrees. “Can’t let people wander around out there kicking dogs. I saw Max kick some other dog once.”
Just then anpother neighbour, Tim, pokes his head over the fence and says “Nah, he doens’t kick dogs in his basement. I went in there once, and there was no dog, and no kicking of dogs. And definitely no kicking of Mary’s dog.” Tim disappears behind his fence, gone.

“I dunno,” says Bob. “Tim mows Max’s lawns, and Max pays him for it.”

“Well,” says Sam, “I guess that settles it then. If Max pays Tim to mow his lawn, then Max MUST be kicking Mary’s dog in his basement.”

“Hang on, just let me think about this for a moment,” says Bob. “We know Max kicked a dog once. We haven’t SEEN Max kick Mary’s dog. But we haven’t been in his basement, and we most definitely haven’t been in his basement when he was kicking Mary’s dog…”

“Damn right!” says Sam. “Evil dog-kicker! Let’s go kick his arse!”