I always seem to end up doing this – booking multiple events within days of each other.
I generally maintain a bit of a low profile, but as soon as the old wallet creaks open, I find its contents spill out in every direction almost uncontrollably. Once a semblance of control is regained, all that’s left is to count the receipts and grimly look forward to the upcoming adventures that I know I’ll be secretly very pleased I had đŸ™‚

This time what started off as a simple plan to piggyback a friend’s work assignment in Barcelona into a long weekend in the sun has now expanded into 2 gigs, 4 days in Barcelona, 5 days in New York, a first time meeting with someone I’ve been chatting with online for almost 2 years and catching up with the Lebowski Fest – Speed Of Sound Tour đŸ™‚

All, I should probably mention, within the same two weeks! Still, couple of firsts in there, the chance to catch up with some old friends and see a couple of seriously badass bands play!

What on earth am I complaining about?! Shut the fuck up, Donnie!