Back from hols and with no work on hand, it takes a little over two days before the code gland starts twitching again and I launch into a personal or learning project.

This time it was Flex4. I’ve been meaning to get my head into the Flex framework for a while now, but working fulltime often drains much of your will to code outside the office and while following the industry is simple enough with Twitter and feeds, actually getting your hands dirty with new tech is more difficult.

Anyway – not long back from my travels, and having just uploaded a ton of photos up to Flickr, I thought I’d rewrite my Flickr Badge in Flex and add a few more features.. Pretty simple really – the only downside I really had was the filesize – which has always been my main contention with Flex.

As for feature upgrades, I added social network sharing links and a google map component so you can see the location where the photo was taken. The map feature relies on you having previously geo-tagged the item in flickr, but fails gracefully should there be no stored geo-data.
Also added a Ken Burns effect because EVERYONE LOVES THE KEN BURNS EFFECT! also refreshes your photos and makes it easy to while away the time looking at pics you’ve seen a hundred times already 🙂

As my previous Flickr Badge was a WordPress widget, I did the same for mine, making it configurable via the WordPress admin area.

The plugin should be visible further down this page on the right side bar.