A friend told me that when he first arrived in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam for the first time, he thought there was some kind of festival happening because there were so many mopeds, bikes and people clogging the roads. Well, evidently that festival is still going..

Getting a taxi from the airport, we meandered to the hotel through rush hour – marvelling at the precision riding and near misses happening all around us.. I think we did the standard tourist thing of diving straight into the safety of our hotel and collecting ourselves, getting ready to dive back in and give swimming a go.

First night was reasonably restrained – tired from travelling, we just grabbed some food in Kim’s Café, round the corner from the hotel, got a quick beer in to toast our arrival and scurried back to our beds.

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese were playing bloody football that night and even more annoyingly, they won and kept a good, constant noise going outside our hotel for most of the night.
Thankfully, I packed my earplugs, so wasn’t too much of a problem, but one dude had a super tinny version of “Santa Claus is coming to town” blaring from his ice-cream-or-whatever cart, which really got on my nerves on so many different levels!

Anyway – first steps taken. Now I’m eager to get out and discover!