Got a phone call a couple of days ago from a friend called Mike:

“hello”, said Mike.
“hello”, I said.

“Fancy going skiing this February?”, said Mike.
“Yes”, I said.

“Goodbye”, said Mike.
“Bye-bye”, I said.

So that’s it. I’m off into the happy embrace of stupidity once more.
Pain, death, dismemberment and the uncertain threat of Bin Laden’s
Happy-Happy Holocaust ( :D) await me in a slippery wonderland of embarrasment and arse-abuse! ( don’t read that the wrong way :s)

Dr. Lucas Vellman, from the National Ski Patrol – Medical Division says this about skiiers:

“They ski out of bounds, they ski along the tree line and they generally end up causing problems.
I’ve seen countless injuries on the mountain; broken bones, head injuries,I even saw a young lad ski straight over a cliff once. Must have been drunk at the time, cos I just stood there and laughed. It was really funny.”

Well.. that’s where I’m off to. There’ll be about eight of us hopefully, so it should at least be a serious piss-up.
I also know that I’ll be completely bed-ridden for the entire day after our first venture onto the slopes as I’m about as fit and healthy as roadkill at the moment.

Bit of luck may see us blagging a chalet for the week, which would be very cool.. Just get food and booze as necessary and ( with considerably more luck ) fall out of bed onto the ski lift…

Anyway.. there’ll be plently of pics should I make it back alive and maybe even a few posted up here.. or on the imageViewer

oh.. and here’s a couple of games for you guys to sod about with wink