Have recently re-written PHP’s date parsing algorithm in AS2 and it’s actually damned cool! (well… it’s kinda useful at least đŸ˜‰ )
The only problem is that as my date class extends the MM one, I need to be able to instantiate my class and pass a variable number of parameters to the superclass’ constructor as per normal.

When instantiating the Date Object, you can pass nothing, a timestamp or even a year,month,day,hour,minute,second and millisecond value.

Usually when you extend a class, you just do a super() call in the extended class’ constructor, but with the variable number of params, problems arise..

There is the same problem when extending the Array object. I forget where I found the solution, but some clever chap thought up the idea of using a function.apply( params ) to the splice method of the Array object, thereby creating an Array, containing the correct properties.

No can do with the Date object – no splice() method….

Will post if i find a solution…