One huge problem with being on the web is SPAM. This means that people are out there trying to get your email address by any means necessary. Nowadays, when you signup at most websites, you can be pretty sure that your personal details, including your email address is not going to be sold off to some sausage-doctor’s marketing agency due to the new Data Protection rules regarding personal data in web applications.

However. If you go and post your email address on a web page, there are no laws to say that the little spammy bastards can’t scan that page for email addresses, so I’ve written a little script to encode your email address into ascii codes, so that it looks fine when viewing it in a web page, but doesn’t resemble an email address when the page robots come looking…

Use the example below to ascii encode your email address and paste the result into your post or web page instead of your normal email address. You may also include the “mailto:” portion of email links if you want extra security.