Well two months in and thoughts of home start creeping in.
It’s just the little things you miss… like the feel of familiar surroundings, the mottled grey-brown of the dogshit on the streets…
my 32inch widescreen telly, playstation2 and xBox – I miss you all, my babies 🙁

Oh.. and all the people back home working away in their jobs, living ltheir lives and hopefully having fun while I spend a few more months job-dodging ( 😈 )

Been kinda taking stock of the pace of things here and, although I’m not actually working, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of the flavour of life in these ‘ere parts.

Firstly, yes Australian life is much more laid back and easy going than in the UK. We all knew that one from the hoardes of Aussie travellers back in London.

Whether or not that’s directly due to the warmer climes, the way many public amenities seem a lot more thought out or just that Britons are just plain shits, I don’t know…

People here genuinely seem more open, approachable and interested in helping you than the bland, uninterested response you find so often in the UK..Saying that though, there is a certain saccharine aftertaste to the over-friendly attitude of some retail workers..
( you may be able to put that one simply down to my cynicism )

Let’s see… what else is there?

  1. Free bus / tram service around many parts of the city and close suburbs.
  2. Local phone calls are capped at 17.5 cents no matter how long the call!
  3. Trains and busses have automatic free return journeys within 2 hours.
  4. The water goes down the bog the wrong way!!
  5. Tepid water comes out of the COLD tap.
  6. They sell JD+Coke on tap in pubs and Southern Comfort and Coke in pre-mixed cans and bottles.
  7. Drive-through Off-licences!! Woohoo! ( I think confused )
  8. There’s a cable-wakeboard park less than an hour away.

I’m sure there’s more…