A great start to the year. Several of our friends had a great idea of clubbing together and renting a small cottage down in Cornwall for the New Year week.
Incredibly cheap and set in the middle of classic English countryside, a fireplace and inexhaustible supply of strangely pork infused wood made for a memorable New Years.

Getting there was an adventure in itself; I’d just bought a new car, unaware that it featured a unique steering system that kicked in at speeds over 40mph, leaving us careering down the motorway, gripping the steering wheel for dear life as the car pulled left and right on evil-herbie style whims.

Always good to be around friends on New Years and there were some old ones and some new ones to be made. We’d brought a Wii along and got it hooked up to a projector in the main room for some classic bowling and tennis fun in front of the open fire 🙂
The rest of the time we spent there was filled with a fantastic xmas dinner, drinking games and lots and lots of silliness!

Some pics here