, , Feb 20, 2012

Focusing flash and trapping browser keyboard input+

A recent flex project I have been working on requires users to log-in using a given username and password combination...

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, Feb 7, 2012

RegExp Snippets+

Just a quick note-to-self… Find all non-commented trace statements: ^(?<!\/\/)[\s]*trace\( Inject GET param onto end of a URL and preserve...

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, , Feb 20, 2011

Flickr Badge Reload+

Back from hols and with no work on hand, it takes a little over two days before the code gland...

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, May 27, 2008

Papervision3D – first steps+

Finally got some down time here at work and figured I’d have a poke around in this Papervision stuff. Have...

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May 14, 2008


Found a nice way to use uints’ default value to my advantage. Have started using them for all my identifier...

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May 14, 2008

Dynamic font loading in AS3+

Always a particularly uncomfortable stone in actionscript’s boot, dynamically loading fonts at runtime has always been difficult. Many of my...

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, May 14, 2008

Ped’s back!+

An old friend of mine that i basically learned flash with – who had given up the coding life –...

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, Aug 14, 2006

Flash Peek Bookmarklet+

A little trick I’ve picked up along the way is to enter Javascript directly into the address bar in order...

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, Mar 24, 2006

IVCA Award Winner!+

Nice to be invited to this sort of thing. Usually it’s the big business boys and clients that get to...

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Feb 13, 2006

Hot Flash Video Component+

FlashLoaded HotFlashVideo Component Adding to their already extensive array of Flash components, Flashloaded have just released their new hotFlashVideo component....

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, Aug 9, 2005

Gifts from Afar+

Having written a couple of Flash tutorials here and there, I get the odd email from people who’ve followed a...

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, Aug 8, 2005

Jimmy’s new Job+

I make a habit of getting myself up to the London Macromedia User Group every month to check out their...

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Aug 8, 2005

References and Renaming.+

Came across this one the other day.. In my new job, I’m working with a really good flash coder who...

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Jul 24, 2005

Charles Debugging Tool+

www.xk72.com/charles/ As soon as we leave the IDE behind and begin real-world testing in the browser, one of the hardest...

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Jul 19, 2005

Help! My Preloader Starts at 50%+

I recently spoke to someone who’d experienced this problem – and they were at a complete loss as to why...

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