Remember Blade Runner? Remember all the lights, sounds and colours? Adverts ten meters high, glowing througout the night, imploring you to spend your hard earned on a new brand of deodorant.. Bikini painted coke models and cornea lasing fitness gadget commercials riding buses and tubes. Hemming you into hypnotised consumerism..

Ok.. possibly a tad exaggerated.. but check this out..…/20050713-01.html

Fujitsu have invented electronic paper.. and not only that, but takes minimal power to update the image and it can maintain an image without any electricity whatsoever!

Check out some of the projected applications:
(quoted from linked article)

  • Transit advertising on trains, information displays on curved surfaces, and other public display applications that could take advantage of its light weight and flexibility. Information displayed can be updated based on the time of day, enabling more effective advertising and informational signage.
  • Electronic shelf display tags, point-of-purchase displays, restaurant menus, and other in-store uses. Can also be used for pricing displays or product information displays that stand out in full color and can be readily updated.

Hang on a sec… what’ll happen to snot rags and bog roll!! Imagine sheet after sheet of can-do and huggies advertising…
Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get some Big Brother contestant themed Andrex 😈